Tuesday, December 16


So i just realized it's been a month since my last post.
Boy does time fly! It's already finals time! I should really be studying... oh well!
Life has been good. I'm so happy I get to come home in less than a week! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

I have pictures of the snow, I just don't have them on my computer yet. That will come with time. I do need to study though... : (

Well I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and will have a SUPER CHRISTMAS!
I know I will!

Friday, November 14

I have a clean kitchen


I just did a post and it all deleted...


Anyways... Today's been pretty boring. I've had a lot of those lately, but you get used to it.

Lately I feel a little left out. Two of my roommates and one of my neighbors have become pretty good friends. They hang out all the time. Our neighbor practically lives at our house now. I hang out with them frequently, but always end up feeling like a 3rd wheel. Who knew you could feel like a 3rd wheel with 4 people?!?!

I've expressed this to one of them, and he said I should just butt in. But when I butt in I feel obnoxious and out of place. I can't tell if it is just me or if it is them...

When the neighbor comes over he always asks for the other two, never me. If they say we are all such good friends, how come I'm never the one people look for?

I'm probably just being overly sensitive... I have a tendency to do that.

Ugh... Friends...

Monday, November 3


Fall is so beautiful. Sadly it will be over soon. There is a chance of snow for Wednesday. I'm super sad... : ( But I'll cheer us all up with some beautiful pictures of campus!

Friday, October 24


So I'm on the activities committee at church, but I keep on missing the meetings!!!
I keep forgetting about them until hours afterwards. I've only gone to 1 of the 3 that have been had!!! THAT AIN'T GOOD!!! That's a failing grade! I'm failing my calling! This has a lot of exclamation points!!! I guess because I'm so mad and want to put emphasis!!!

I also think the Cooks should add me so I can see their blog...
Just a side note...

Saturday, October 18


So it's almost 2 am. i need to go and get my laundry from the basement, but i really d0n't feel like it. I was looking at like the 3 blogs i go to and realized it has been a REALLY long time since I posted last.

School is still going pretty well. I don't study very often. I'm a bad student, i know. Maybe studying becomes easier as you realize the importance of your education more. i dunno!

I'm getting a little tired of some of my roommates. Living with 5 other people can be a bit tiring. You're in your room minding your own business, when someone walks in to see what you're doing. I dunno. I guess it shouldn't bother me. they're just trying to be nice! But sometimes you don't feel like dealing with people reading stuff over your shoulder and stuff!

I'm getting particularly irritated with one in particular. Make that two. The first one is my room-roommate Matt. He won't give you a straight answer for anything!!! He'll just say it isn't important and move on. He won't tell us where he goes when he leaves to study at midnight and never comes back. He won't tell us how many credit hours he is taking. It just bugs the crap out of me!!! WHY CAN'T YOU ANSWER A SINGLE QUESTION WITH A STRAIGHT ANSWER?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The other is constantly singing. Like all the time. He sings while he is in the shower. He sings while he's making dinner. He sings while he is doing homework. HE IS ALWAYS SINGING!!! It's like, Dude, give it a rest!

My friend who lives in the dorm next to me got his mission call today. He is going to the Perth Australia Mission on January 21. It was pretty exciting. Now we have two guys going to Australia, one to Japan, and one to South Korea. It gets everyone all pumped up when someone finds out. It is just soooooo exciting!

Our hall advisor has a little girl. She is 2 years old, and her name is Eleanore. The other day I played with her for like half an hour. It was so much fun! I miss being able to play with little kids. I found a bouncy ball under our couch and gave it to her. She would throw it and then go running after it. Then we would "hide" it and have to find it. Then we played merry-go-round on the stairs. My horse was blue and was named TJ. Hers was pink and named Mary Poppins. She is so dang cute!

What else...

Saturday, which is technically today, is the ward/stake Halloween party. I'm not positive what I'm gonna be, but I think I'm gonna be a trash bag. I thought it sounded pretty cool. I went to DI to try and find a costume, but couldn't find anything for a costume. I DID find some other cool stuff. A jean jacket that looks like it is from the 80's, a yellow corduroy blazer that is AMAZING, and a really cool pink shirt w/ ruffles, like those embarassing tuxedo shirts. It was way fun.

I'm going to the Jason Mraz concert on October 28. I'm pretty excited. I'm going with one of my friends. Her name is Lurel. She is from Canada. It's gonna be great!

I should really go and get my laundry now. I'll try and get fun pictures and post them on here sometime. I'm SO busy and all. Actually I'm quite bored a lot of the time. A lot of times I feel kind of alone. But I won't end this post on a sad note.

Oh yeah! I saw a cat outside of my kitchen window the other day. It was fantastic. There are so many cats on campus! I want one!!!!

Well good night/morning/afternoon to you!!!

Tuesday, September 23

What to do? What to do?

So... I'm sitting here in the RB (Richards Building) right now, waiting for my voice class which isn't for another half hour. I should be writing my paper. HAHAHA... That's funny. I'll just do that after class in the library. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Megan, Daniel, and ROO ROO are coming to see me tomorrow! It's way exciting! Maybe they'll buy me food!!! But it'll be fun.

The RB is an interesting building. Not only does it hold all sorts of sports and stuff, it also holds like the Musical Theatre stuff. Interesting combination...

I have to sing for class. I'm just a bit nervous. Hopefully I won't forget any words, like in I Am a Child of God. That was almost embarassing. But yeah. This is just rambling because I don't know what else to do right now.

Someone's warming up on the trumpet a few rooms over. There's also a trombone and a bass guitar? I wonder what's going on?!?!?!?

The piano accompanist just got here, just so you know.

It was so cold this morning, but by afternoon I had to go and change because I was BURNING UP!!!

I think it would be fun to be in a musical. They're doing Thoroughly Modern Millie. That would be so cool. Even if I was just 3rd standing man from the left. It would be awesome. The only problem is... I can't dance and sing all good and stuff. I'm mediocre at both, and you have to be GREAT at both. Plus, you kinda have to be a Musical Theatre major or something. Bummer...

So this has gone on way too long, and I have wasted enough of your life!


Thursday, September 18

3 Things

List: 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections, 3 Facts About Yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post.

3 Joys:
1) Sleeping
2) Eating
3) Being at BYU

3 Fears:
1) Getting killed in my sleep
2) Failing at life
3) Not finding someone to love forever

3 Goals:
1) Not do homework on Sundays
2) Keep up w/ assignments
3) Become closer to the Lord

3 Current Obsessions:
1) Goldfish (the crackers)
2) Free things
3) Text Messaging

3 Facts About Yourself:
1) I have stayed up past midnight every night for the past week!
2) I'm not very good at getting my homework done
3) I don't keep track of things I buy w/ my debit card... Whoops...

I think everyone that reads this has been tagged recently...
I won't make you do it again!
Have a great day everyone!!!

And go watch the video on Suzanne's blog. It made me homesick.

Friday, September 12

News! not really...

So, I never did tell you, but my roommate showed up. His name is Matt. Adam never showed up, so our Chia pet is officially named Adam. Adam is growing so well! He's almost fully grown! But Matt is like a freakin' GENIUS! He graduated high school when he was 15! He speaks 5 languages! He uses big words! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! How many people do you know that know the definition of qiviut? MATT DOES! For those who are wondering what it does mean, it means the soft wool of the undercoat of the musk ox... Enough said...

ANYWAYS!!! I can't believe that it's already been almost 3 WEEKS! Time goes by so fast! But it's Friday, so I get to be lazy. Friday's are my days off. The rest of my roommates have class... HA! I'm actually just sitting in my room, alone, right now. Everyone is gone.

I got a package a little bit ago! Thanks Jileen, Kevin, D, E, L, and Poogan! The Wookie Cookies and Thermal Detonators will be eaten promptly! Be expecting a thank you note in the mail!

I feel better now. I think I was just being stupid last time. I shouldn't worry about what others think of me, and I shouldn't worry about what others can do. We're all different! We can't all be amazing. That would make life boring.

I got a splinter in my leg a bit ago too. Not sure exactly where it came from. I think I got it from rubbing up against a chair or something. I think I got it all out... If not, my leg will just turn gangrenous and fall off! No worries!

Well that's all for now. I'll post pictures sometime. I think I said that last time. Maybe i'll just do that now... Hold on a minute...

This is my bed/side of the room. Notice the Ernie shirt!

This is my Closet! How exciting!

This was Matt's side before. I haven't taken an updated picture.

Well that's all for now! Talk to Ya'll later!

Monday, September 8


So being here has definitely humbled me. At home, I'm considered pretty good at the things I do. Here... Here things are way different. I'm mediocre at best. I'm not the guy who dresses cool. I'm not the great 'musician' or 'actor.' I'm not the best looking or anything! I feel like my life has been so uneventful. I have roommates who have done all sorts of things that aren't even offered in Texarakana. I know I shouldn't be jealous, but it's really hard. The only thing I have going for me is my humor. I can make most people laugh. Hopefully that doesn't go too!

Monday, September 1

My Address!

So I've gotten a few requests for my new address and it is...

74 Maeser Hall
Provo, UT 84604

So be sure to send me lots of stuff!

I'll have to post some pictures some time.
I need some more first. Plus it's like 2 AM...

That'll be another days project!

Classes start Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 29

Firs' Lil' Bi'


I'm in my dorm room right now. By myself. My roomate hasn't showed up yet. His name is Adam. None of my other roomates think that he is real. We're thinking about making a cutout of him and sticking it on his bed, then pretending it's him. My "real" roomates are pretty cool. We all seem to get along. It's kinda funny. All of us have interests in music. 3 of them sang in choir in high school. They keep asking me to go audition with them for the BYU Men's Choir. They say all you have to do is sing the melody line of a hymn and then you get a call back if they want to hear more. What have I got to lose, right?

These past few days have been crazy. First, driving in was SO long. It seemed like it took a week to get here! Then when I got here and orientation started, I get stuck getting dragged/drug (I don't know which one it is... You pick) around campus and going to a million and a half meetings and stuff. This was the first moment i was able to get on the computer to do anything. It's 2:28 AM here. Exciting huh! I haven't even started school and homework and I can't get to bed before midnight! Oh well...

I should probably go though... I have to be up at like 7 tomorrow to go to a devotional thing. Hang tight though! More stuff will be coming. Maybe even pictures!

Goodnight all! Or maybe good morning! I don't know when you'll read this!

See yas!

Thursday, August 21


Mom and I got bored and decided to do something FUN!!!
Yes...  That is a pillowcase on her head...

Thursday, August 7

Another Poem... This one is deep...

Tick, Tick, Tick goes the ever spinning clock

Squish, Squish, Squish goes the ever ripening banana

Meow, Meow, Meow goes the ever annoying feline

Bye, Bye, Bye goes the ever popular boy band

Swish, Swish, Swish goes the ever washing machine

Ring, Ring, Ring goes the ever fateful call

Flip-flops and fruit loops

Orange Peels and Orangautangs

Horseflies and Hershey Bars

We all fall down...

The End.

Tuesday, July 22

Another Poem... For You

So being stuck in this house is quite boring.  Megan wanted another poem so here it is.

Violets are blue,
Ryleigh shoots poo,
These don't compare
to how much I love you!!!

Saturday, July 19

A Poem... For you

Roses are red...
Deal with it

Saturday, July 12


Well, I just realized that you can't post comments on Megan's blog unless you are a team member?  Here's a hint Megan... CHANGE IT PLEASE!!!

To subscribe:
Go to Customize in the top right corner.
Go to Layout.
Go to add a page element.
Click on Blog List. (I think it's the first one)
Once there click add to list.
Put in the url of the blog you want to keep an eye on.
For each one you want to add click add to list or it will keep changing the same one.

Hope this helps.
If you have more questions ask Alex.
She showed me how to do that...

Monday, July 7

I have a blog!

So you asked for it...
Here I am on... on a blog... how exciting...
Not sure how often I'll get on...