Friday, November 14

I have a clean kitchen


I just did a post and it all deleted...


Anyways... Today's been pretty boring. I've had a lot of those lately, but you get used to it.

Lately I feel a little left out. Two of my roommates and one of my neighbors have become pretty good friends. They hang out all the time. Our neighbor practically lives at our house now. I hang out with them frequently, but always end up feeling like a 3rd wheel. Who knew you could feel like a 3rd wheel with 4 people?!?!

I've expressed this to one of them, and he said I should just butt in. But when I butt in I feel obnoxious and out of place. I can't tell if it is just me or if it is them...

When the neighbor comes over he always asks for the other two, never me. If they say we are all such good friends, how come I'm never the one people look for?

I'm probably just being overly sensitive... I have a tendency to do that.

Ugh... Friends...

Monday, November 3


Fall is so beautiful. Sadly it will be over soon. There is a chance of snow for Wednesday. I'm super sad... : ( But I'll cheer us all up with some beautiful pictures of campus!