Tuesday, July 22

Another Poem... For You

So being stuck in this house is quite boring.  Megan wanted another poem so here it is.

Violets are blue,
Ryleigh shoots poo,
These don't compare
to how much I love you!!!

Saturday, July 19

A Poem... For you

Roses are red...
Deal with it

Saturday, July 12


Well, I just realized that you can't post comments on Megan's blog unless you are a team member?  Here's a hint Megan... CHANGE IT PLEASE!!!

To subscribe:
Go to Customize in the top right corner.
Go to Layout.
Go to add a page element.
Click on Blog List. (I think it's the first one)
Once there click add to list.
Put in the url of the blog you want to keep an eye on.
For each one you want to add click add to list or it will keep changing the same one.

Hope this helps.
If you have more questions ask Alex.
She showed me how to do that...

Monday, July 7

I have a blog!

So you asked for it...
Here I am on... on a blog... how exciting...
Not sure how often I'll get on...